[Rubyinstaller-devel] my old gripe :)

Roger Pack rogerpack2005 at gmail.com
Fri Jun 6 10:43:17 EDT 2008

>> I was trying to remember an email sent once to ruby-talk [not the  
>> sandbox
>> one] where you mentioned a "pre-release" of mingw, which passed all  
>> the
>> tests.  So I was suggesting [as you already knew] to just use that  
>> one :)

I'm  having trouble finding an email where you had mentioned "this  
isn't even a release" but it was like stage 2 of the 'get your hands  
dirty' email series.  Does this ring a bell in any way shape or  
form?   Am I just making things up? :)

> Yeah, you can see most of the changes are documented into the
> changelog file or in the commits logs.

> Again: there will not be a "gem" for the compiler and supporting tools
> for GCC, there will be a installer, just like the one we are building
> for the Runtime itself.

It seems like there already is an 'install' for gem developers.  The  
installer3.  That worked for the rmagick people, at least, and also  
for a friend of mine who compiled eventmachine on it [eventually, once  
he figured out that the paths had to be a certain style].

>> Do you think the IO redirection problem will become a big problem  
>> ever?
> Haven't encountered anyone with this problem, but never heard back
> from ruby-core about this behavior.

I wonder if it's caused by readline reading always from stdin [well,  
obviously that's the case], but I wonder if they do it poorly.  Oh  
well if it's a minor bug then... :)  The looping cpu thing is a  
concern, it seems.  Was that ever fixed?



[If I ever get time, I wonder if something along the following lines  
would be interesting:
1) install the marvelous mingw package distributed by OCI.
2) install the devkit package distributed by OCI.
# now here's the fun part:
3) gem install mingw_imagemagick_headers # or gem install  
5) gem install mingw_openssl_src # or gem update
4) gem install mingw_git # or mingw_xming, or mingw_...

i.e. use ruby gems as an apt-get style system for mingw progs, since  
that is very lacking for mingw, or is it?  I'm not sure. They  
definitely lack something of ease. :)
But I guess the first step is the packages noted on the roadmap.
This way end users don't have to be developers.  You can just have  
rubygems dependencies which simplify installation.  Of course, this is  
for non ruby apps, but hey :) Just thinking out loud :)

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