[Rubyinstaller-devel] Non-working gems (like id3lib-ruby)

Charles Roper reachme at charlesroper.co.uk
Tue Dec 2 05:16:05 EST 2008

Hi Folks,

I've been trying out the MinGW version of Ruby and have come across a 
few gems that don't install. Most of these, I think, are already known 
about (like hpricot), but some others perhaps aren't. Is it worth me 
posting those that I have tried to install but had problems with, or is 
it not worth it? Should I instead contact the author of the gems directly?

The latest non-working gem I have found is id3lib-ruby.


This requires the id3lib C++ library. The author provides a precompiled 
version for Windows, and for Linux/OS X you have to install it using 
aptitude (or whatever).


In the light of Luis's rake-compiler, what would be the best way of 
improving the installation of this gem?

Another gem that breaks under MinGW is proj4rb:



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