[Rubyinstaller-devel] Working with multiple Ruby versions

Lars Christensen larsch at belunktum.dk
Fri Aug 15 14:01:42 EDT 2008


I'd like the option to work with multiple ruby versions in the same 
rubyinstaller directory, primarily to speed up 'rake' operations and to 
avoid multiple downloads, extracts, etc. Also, the current 'cp' operation 
on the ruby sources code when checking out from SVN is very slow.

My suggestion is to put the source/build/install targets into separate 
directories, depending on the origin and version of the Ruby source.

For example, when pulling from SVN:


Or a branch:


Or from the tarball:


I've pushed some changes to 
http://github.com/larsch/rubyinstaller/commits/nocopycheckout2/ which 
implements the above. You can set the SVN URL in config/ruby_installer.rb, 
and it will then decide a path on it's own, from the contents of the URL. 
This can still be overridden by setting the options, e.g. 
:checkout_target, but by default they are left out and generated by the 


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