[Rubyinstaller-devel] News for OpenSSL build

Lars Christensen larsch at belunktum.dk
Tue Aug 12 09:06:48 EDT 2008

On Tue, 12 Aug 2008, Luis Lavena wrote:

>> However, I noticed that openssl.so still gets statically linked. I'm not
>> sure why this is. I'll try and investigate. I seems to happen with my
>> previous attempts with ActiveState and Strawberry too.
> Did you had change to test the proper-openssl branch I created?
> http://github.com/luislavena/rubyinstaller/tree/proper-openssl

Yes indeed, and it worked very well. My reason for looking into this again 
was primarily to understand the build failures better, but also in hope of 
a minimal build method that is as close as possible to the officially 
supported method by the OpenSSL team.

To be honest, I personally would prefer the ActiveState or Strawberry 
solution since it is the only official provided by the OpenSSL team, but I 
understand that the bloat is undisirable in rubyinstaller. I'm certainly 
not dimissing your approach, just looking for enlightenment and possible 

I think that RubyInstaller should be as transparent as possible about what 
it does, so that it is (a) as close to official release & procedures as 
possible, and (b) whatever custom changes there are easily identifiable. 
The reason for this is an issue of trust. Its the same reason I would 
avoid the Shining Light builds [1]. Its a matter of trust. Breaches, and 
not least, human errors[2], do occur.

[1] http://www.slproweb.com/products/Win32OpenSSL.html
[2] http://www.metasploit.com/users/hdm/tools/debian-openssl/

> I got the shared lib (dll) building properly, but I need to check your 
> work too, so we can merge them into master and move forward soon.

Is this commit ece49e8a5131a03f7? (Just to understand)

> Dunno you guys, but I want to release a Runtime version soon (like in 2 weeks?)
> Regards and thank you for your hard work.

Same to you Luis!


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