[Rubyinstaller-devel] News for OpenSSL build

Lars Christensen larsch at belunktum.dk
Mon Aug 11 13:11:33 EDT 2008

On Sat, 26 Jul 2008, Luis Lavena wrote:

> After circumvent the issues with symlinks in the packages and find the
> proper steps to build it, I managed to create a new recipe for it.

I overcame my perl-phobia and decided to take a look at why the provided 
scripts failed, and ended up with just two issues:

* CR/LF issues. The mk1mk.pl script reads from MINFO and gets the \r\n 
instead of just \n, so the regexps fail silently.

* When mingw32-make is run with MSYS in the PATH, it defaults to calling 
sh.exe instead of cmd.exe (copy/cp issue).

I worked around the above issues by tweaking mk1mf.pl (tweaking the 
regexp) and mingw32.bat (adding SHELL=cmd.exe when invoking mingw32-make). 
This seems to work, even with DLL. Other than those two changes, it builds 
cleanly in the standard way.

I've pushed my changes to github:


However, I noticed that openssl.so still gets statically linked. I'm not 
sure why this is. I'll try and investigate. I seems to happen with my 
previous attempts with ActiveState and Strawberry too.


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