[Rubyinstaller-devel] [Fwd: GCC 4.x on Windows (now with more statistics!)]

Luis Lavena luislavena at gmail.com
Sun Apr 27 20:38:06 EDT 2008

On Sun, Apr 27, 2008 at 8:56 PM, Phillip Gawlowski
<cmdjackryan at googlemail.com> wrote:
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>  Luis Lavena wrote:
>  |
>  | Yeah, mailman sometimes does weird things :-P
>  Don't get me started. :P
>  |
>  | Yes, as end user is more easy to install it, but if you take a look at
>  | what we do with the recipes, you will see we are actually downloading
>  | GCC and MSYS to actually create a development environment, and not
>  | forcing the developer already have one installed ;-)
>  Well, yeah. But it'd be nice if you'd have checked if I had MSYS/MinGW
>  installed, like I do. :P

Oh sorry, you have GCC installed? ;-)

Well, the idea was bootstrap ruby with the less tools installed possible.

That's why the recipes even have a pure ruby-unzip that download bsdtar :-D

>  | Well, actually is more than a real benchmark. As example, the YARV
>  | bench only prove and excersice especific parts of the Ruby VM that has
>  | been optimized, but is not a real life test like PetStore is done for
>  | testing Rails performance.
>  Yes and no. It it is a bit of number crunching, but doesn't test things
>  like IO, compression, Arrays, etc. I'm not talking about benchmarks
>  showing off features. ;)

Is hard to compare IO processing against different platform and filesystems.
I found that jRuby couldn't get this script "compiled" due the multi
return point... funny.

>  | You don't need a lot of GCC fu, just replace the locations for the GCC
>  | packages, check they download, extract and can successfuly 'configure'
>  | and compile Ruby :-)
>  Well, that is easy (Search and replace FTW :P). But if something stumps
>  because GCC decides to roll over and die, I'm of no help. ;)

Don't worry, we are two :-D

>  | Did you use configure to generate the makefile? if so that means you
>  | need MSYS installed too, don't remember if Giovanni installed provides
>  | it.
>  I have a full MSYS environment with GCC4, so of course I used configure. :P

Just asked, since that mean is another pre-requisite to get you
started with MinGW.

The original idea was have a exerb "rake.exe" that let you get Ruby
build from scratch. but anyway, the sandbox and the recipes are for
developers wanting to contribute back to One-Click project, and not
creating the nightmare like Gentoo did for packages :-P

>  P.S.: Sent to Rubyinstaller ML, too, in hope of a working subscription
>  now...

Yep, it seems is now in the list, great! :-)

Regards and good nights!

Luis Lavena
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