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Sun Apr 27 19:18:38 EDT 2008

On Sun, Apr 27, 2008 at 6:51 PM, Phillip Gawlowski
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>  Since I have no clue if this arrived on the ruby installer list:

Nop, it didn't got into the list, you need to be subscribed to allow mails :-P

Anyway, see my comments inline.

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>  Subject: GCC 4.x on Windows (now with more statistics!)
>  Date: Fri, 25 Apr 2008 19:16:23 +0200
>  From: Phillip Gawlowski <cmdjackryan at gmail.com>
>  To: For RubyInstaller Developers <rubyinstaller-devel at rubyforge.org>
>  I just read Luis' blog post on the state of the project[0], and saw that
>  MinGW with GCC4 is missing.
>  While it is not officially supported, there are binaries available:
>  http://www.develer.com/oss/GccWinBinaries

I prefer TDM release, since a downloadable file that could be extracted:


The one that Giovanni maintains contains all bundled into a nice
setup, which is good if you plan to install it on end-user computer,
but prove no advantage for us.

Also, it contains mingw32-make, which proven to be problematic for
Ruby assumptions (the makefile extconf generates is more posix like
than windows like).

>  GCC4 is a major update to GCC, especially in terms of speed (of the
>  compiler, and the compiled source), and the Ruby-Installer might want to
>  use it (for testing purposes, since MinGW themselves don't consider it
>  production ready yet, but GCC4 is out for years now...).

Yes, have played with it several times, you can see it in my older
pastie, using noven.net release instead of TDM at that time (July


>  Okay, for comparison (using Luis' 'benchmark'):
>  mswin32: 30.334 sec | speedup: 1
>  gcc4: 18.557 sec | speedup: 1.63
>  gcc3: 19.528 sec | speedup: 1.55

Nice numbers, the benchmark just use an average test instead of more
of the specialized benchmarks out there, The nice thing is all the
implementations support the script out of the box.

Now that Installer3 is mirrored in the svn repository[1] you can grab
them and provide patches for use of GCC4 instead of GCC3, you're
welcome! :-D

(The good thing of TDM releases is they keep using .tar.gz and .zip
files for the packages, so there is no need to do some tricks for
getting the files).

Thank you for your time and effort on testing all this!
PS: CC'ed this mail for the list to know about this!

[1] http://rubyinstaller.rubyforge.org/svn/trunk/installer3/
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