[Rubyinstaller-devel] make.cmd?

Luis Lavena luislavena at gmail.com
Mon Apr 21 22:55:09 EDT 2008

On Mon, Apr 21, 2008 at 11:03 PM, Gordon Thiesfeld <gthiesfeld at gmail.com> wrote:
> >  The issue with 'gem' is that rubygems generates to files: gem and
>  >  gem.bat which is a stub to execute the true gem ruby script.
>  >
>  >  If we move from script+stub to scripts similar of what ruby ships
>  >  (take a look at irb.bat) can workaround the issues with
>  >  "cross-compatibility" raised of being using
>  >  system/exec/backticks/whatever
>  >
>  Ok, I've stubbed make, gcc, and sh, and rubygems tests pass.  I'm
>  working on a patch for rubygems bin scripts as well, but I can't find
>  a simple way to do it without breaking a lot of tests.  I'll keep at
>  it.  I did discover that the exit /b %errorlevel% doesn't do the right
>  thing when called in Ruby, so I'm just making the cmd files so that
>  the last line is the one we care about..
>  This is my rake.cmd.  It seems to be working fine.  Let me know if you
>  see any problems with it.
>  goto endofruby
>  #!c:/ruby/ruby_mingw/bin/ruby.exe
>  #
>  # This file was generated by RubyGems.
>  #
>  # The application 'rake' is installed as part of a gem, and
>  # this file is here to facilitate running it.
>  #
>  require 'rubygems'
>  version = ">= 0"
>  if ARGV.first =~ /^_(.*)_$/ and Gem::Version.correct? $1 then
>   version = $1
>   ARGV.shift
>  end
>  gem 'rake', version
>  load 'rake'
>  __END__
>  :endofruby
>  "%~d0%~p0ruby" -x "%~f0" %*

I was one of the responsible of change the .cmd files to .bat in
latest rubygems releases.

Why? because .bat take precedence instead of .cmd, also because, even
we don't *support* win9x, at least it will work out of the box.

I'll change to uppercase all the references to windows/batch commands (GOTO).

I'll take a look at rubygems (again) to see if we can get rid of the
separate batch/script files for the next release, or at least, our
implementation, since I'm thinking seriously not ship 1.8.7...
(there is a heated discussion about that).

An alternative will be have a series of patches that can be
rolled/applied to current 1.8.6-p114 and fix particular things in ruby
source or rubygems until an official release ship them.

As a RubyGems contributor I can slip these changes in, but we will
require wait for the next release to make them available.

>  >  Please let me congrats you Gordon, you just hit one of the big issues
>  >  that blocks true cross-platform implementation.
>  >
>  >  Also, these injected stubs/scripts can workaround the pipes issues for
>  >  scripts using .rb and being tried to executed standalone (this is an
>  >  old issue of ruby and how cmd creates the process and pass the
>  >  information to the child process).
>  Yeah, I've been bitten by this one too :-).  The only problem with
>  batch files is that it makes ctrl-c cause the extremely annoying
>  "Terminate batch job (Y/N)?".  I did find a way to modify cmd.exe so
>  that it doesn't do this, but it would be nice if there was a cleaner
>  solution.

There is no easy solution without binary patching cmd.exe, since
in-memory patches will require us alter ruby.exe and we can get caught
by DEP protection :-P

We need to talk about the the future on this, do you feel comfortable
we set a wiki page and start drawing a picture about the goals for the

Thank you for your time Gordon.

Luis Lavena
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