[Rubyinstaller-devel] Building off a more recent 1.8.6 source code base?

Curt Hibbs curt.hibbs at gmail.com
Thu Sep 27 21:46:23 EDT 2007

I am currently working on Release 26 which uses Ruby p110. I could use some
help, as my available time is limited, if you wanted to pitch in. I'm
actually pretty close to finished except that I'm having trouble getting the
Ruby ODBC to compile.

If you checkout the installer from RubyForge (instructions are here:
http://rubyforge.org/scm/?group_id=167), the complete build instructions are
in the ReadMe.html file (you want to check out from
"/trunk/installer-win2"), but you have to use either VC++ 6.0 SP5 or MinGW
(newer versions of VC++ have binary compatibility problems).


On 9/27/07, Clifford Heath <clifford.heath at gmail.com> wrote:
> Folk,
> I'm using the current one-click installer on Windows XP, and ruby -v
> claims
> to be patch-level -p0. This version has totally broken thread
> synchronisation
> primitives, and that leaves me dead in the water. Sylvain Joyeux told me
> in ruby-talk that p36 and p110 are much better, so...
> I can either build a current Ruby from source, or build the whole one-
> click
> installer from source. I have MSVC and I'm quite familiar with
> building on
> Windows...
> What's the ramp-up time to learn to build the one-click installer
> from source?
> How hard is it likely to be to adapt the build process to the current
> Ruby source
> code for 1.8.6? (Easy, I expect).
> What else do I need installed - are you using WiX or something else?
> Clifford Heath
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