[Rubyinstaller-devel] Bootstrapping Ruby and some questions.

Luis Lavena luislavena at gmail.com
Tue Oct 23 01:36:18 EDT 2007

Hello fellow Developers!

(I guess we aren't so many anyway) ;-)

Excluding the debate on which compiler OCI should be based, I found
that we need to "bootstrap" the whole process _in_ ruby and avoid the
manual compile/patch task.

Since the tool of choice for this is Rake, I was looking and playing
with Exerb [1], but the lack of documentation of that project (and the
manual compilation step) make me hold for a second (until I have much
time to play with it).

The idea is build a "rake executable" that could be downloaded and
used to build ruby, extensions and the whole compile environment
without requiring a previous Ruby installed.

So far, the debate still remains: VC8 or MinGW.

Even after the success of Roger getting Ruby and Rails running on
Ruby-MinGW, the uncertain support of x64 for that project (MinGW)
still remains as an important point and shouldn't be ignored.
Comment: even that Ruby doesn't care about it right now.

Anyway, getting back to the questions, we need to collect the average
user profile of Ruby on Windows (a), and of course, evaluate other
users (like the ones on OSX and Linux) that are interested in support
the platform (or being supportive) (b).

For the (a) option, I'll like to start asking about:

- For what kind of task do you use Ruby? (checkbox)
  [ ] Learning
  [ ] Automating Tasks
  [ ] Desktop Applications
  [ ] Web Applications (Rails, Merb, Nitro, IOWA, other frameworks)

- What is your primary OS?
  ( ) Linux or *nix derivatives (FreeBSD, Solaris, etc.)
  ( ) Mac OSX
  ( ) Windows
  ( ) Other: ____

- Which of the following architectures is compiled or support your OS?
... provide instructions for the average user gather the correct
information (uname, system properties, etc. ...
  ( ) x86 (i386, i686) compatible
  ( ) AMD64/x64
  ( ) Other: ____

- In your common use of Ruby, do you use:
  [ ] RubyGems?
  [ ] Database adapters (mysql, sqlite3, postgres)?
  [ ] WEBrick
  [ ] Rails
  [ ] Mongrel?

- How often you update your development tool set?
... compiler, ruby interpreter, gems, libraries ...
  ( ) Once a month
  ( ) Every 6 months
  ( ) At least 1 time every year
  ( ) I just use it "as-is"

- Are you familiar with Version Control Software? (Subversion, CVS, or
distributed ones)
  ( ) Yes, use it for every project.
  ( ) Rarely
  ( ) No

- As Ruby User/Developer, do you create Open Source Software (OSS)
  ( ) Yes
  ( ) No, just as end-user
  ( ) No, closed for the company I work for

- Do you deploy your software to specialized servers?
... Internet hostings providers or locally inside your company ...
  ( ) Yes, manually by copy methods
  ( ) Yes, using automation tools like Capistrano
  ( ) Yes, using custom made Installer / Packages
  ( ) No

- Are you interest to deploy your software in server with different
  ( ) Yes
  ( ) No

- As Ruby Developer, what kind of software you create?
  [ ] Gems
  [ ] Ruby C Extensions
  [ ] Rails plugins
  [ ] Mongrel Handlers (GemPlugins)
  [ ] Plain, old-vanilla applications

- If you checked one of the options in the previous question, are you
interested in cross-platform compatibility?
  ( ) Yes
  ( ) No, the software is platform-specific.
  ( ) No, I really don't care other platforms.

- On which platform are you most interested your software run smoothly?
 [ ] *nix (Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris)
  [ ] Mac OSX
 [ ] Windows
 [ ] Other: _____

- To which compiler are you most familiar?
  [ ] GCC
  [ ] Visual C++
  [ ] Intel


Ok, So far, all these are the question. I left out a few regarding
Zlib and OpenSSL, which must be rephrased.

What do you think?

Suggestions are welcome!

Good nights.

[1] http://exerb.sourceforge.jp/index.en.html

Luis Lavena
Multimedia systems
Leaders are made, they are not born. They are made by hard effort,
which is the price which all of us must pay to achieve any goal that
is worthwhile.
Vince Lombardi

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