[Rubyinstaller-devel] Did you succeed on Ruby-MinGW compilation?

Roger Pack rogerpack2005 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 22 17:00:54 EDT 2007

All right I finally hacked through to a working copy of mingw 'with all the
fixings' of Ruby 1.8.6's "latest stable release" version.
I have posted the final ruby executable with gems and zlib etc. etc. here

If anybody wants to try it out and give feedback that would be great!
I will try and post a smaller version of the existing downloadable zipfile
soon (it may or may not be there by the time you read this email).
Thanks for Luis for support, and for obscure emails in newslists around the
world for tidbits of information.  Wish I could say it had been easy.

To install:
unzip the ruby_mingw4.zip file to c:\ (or wherever)
then make sure (in this example) c:\ruby_mingw4\bin is at the front of your
Verify by running ruby -v
-- should say mingw
Now you can install gems by using gem list, gem install XXX (package name
and see what's installed
gem list

There are a grundle of packages pre-installed, you may want to uninstall
some, a la
gem list
gem uninstall rails -v 1.2.5 (or what not).
gem install rails -v 1.2.3 (to install rails 1.2.3, and uninstall 1.2.5)

You may also want to set the environment variable RUBY_OPT=rubygems (or
whatever it is exactly) for it to execute "require 'rubygems'" before each

This release appears to work with rails on windows, using a lot of
libraries. Good luck!
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On 10/22/07, Luis Lavena <luislavena at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 10/22/07, Roger Pack <rogerpack2005 at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Turns out that whenever you build anything within mingw, you must
> specify
> > "build it to /mingw" or "--prefix=c:/mingw" or it will install it as if
> it's
> > an internal MSYS library or something.  Which was very surprising for a
> > newbie.  Ahh well.
> > After finally hacking I figured out "wait a second! you can actually
> copy
> > extensions from the old msvc install into the new mingw one and they
> work"
> > (so I don't actually even "have" to compile everything now).  And,
> voila.
> > Now I think everything works.
> I told you :-)
> > Turns out the rmagick bug is a 'legacy bug' that is avoided by
> installing
> > their binary rmagick for windows gem.  Problem was theirs, and they
> fixed
> > it--I just didn't think it would still be there. Ahh well.
> Yeah, RMagick is a so darn beast, they should use the official
> ImageMagick... still don't get why they didn't patched officially.
> > So now I finally have a working mingw! Rails works!  And it's
> faster!  And
> > doesn't seem to complicated to setup.
> Hehehe, again, I told you so... wasn't complicated, you just need to
> invest some hours and get a nice speed (boost) ;-)
> > I'll finalize my notes probably sometime (and keep them online at the
> > aforementioned wiki for now).
> >
> That will be excellent.
> > I'll also post a copy of my win32 stuff--should I announce it on the
> list so
> > people can experiment with it? See if they like it?
> That will be good too, since recreating the whole thing is a pain,
> sharing it with other win32-users will probably show up some failing
> things that you didn't notice.
> > I also did notice that there are some experiment 64-bit stuff for mingw,
> > which is...good, but...a little bit scary.
> Yeah, I commented that too. mingw-x64 is too experimental right now,
> mostly the way Windows x64 do with signing and manifest things...
> But still, Ruby 1.8 isn't compatible with that, yet.
> > Anyway things are going well.
> > I will post my stuff when it gets uploaded in about 30 minutes (turned
> out
> > rather large).
> Remove documentation! the RI and RDOC stuff eats a lot of space (I had
> my distro under 8MB)...
> > Thanks for your help!
> No problem, you're welcome.
> Please share this back with the community.
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> Luis Lavena
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