[Rubyinstaller-devel] Updated rubygems for ZLib?

Mat Schaffer schapht at gmail.com
Sat Jun 16 00:06:50 EDT 2007

On Jun 15, 2007, at 11:55 PM, Mat Schaffer wrote:
> Hi, any chance of getting rubygems upgraded in the installer?  I'm  
> specifically interested in the ZLib patch in rubygem's package.rb.   
> I'm starting to pimp capistrano pretty hard around my organization,  
> but you can't install it on windows right now without first  
> patching rubygems.

You know I ran into this problem yesterday, and didn't think until  
just now that you could do gem update --system.  Anyway.  It'd be  
nice to have it out of the box if any of the developers have some  
time to make a new build.

Thanks again, sorry to be a little dense there,

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