[Rubyinstaller-devel] Greetings

James Stallings II james.stallings at gmail.com
Sun Aug 7 15:41:21 EDT 2005

Hello Everyone!

I'm a longtime c and perl prgrammer who has recently come out of the
dark ages and am now enjoying a rewarding new life as a ruby
programmer (or something like that, LoL).

I'm using ruby, ruby Gtk2+, and now fxruby to do some pretty heavily
cross-platform programming, and I have to tell you, we really need to
get one  click installers out there for OS X and linux; freebsd would
rock too, though I'm a little bit of a newby in that particular
segment of the unix world (but yes I do have a freebsd box running,
though I doubt it is stable enough from a hardware standpoint to do a
Fox/FXRuby build from source).

I know this hinges a lot on there being people available with time and
equipment to participate; I have a little of each at present. I'm
working with some fairly low end equipment everywhere but on the mac,
where I have a dual G4 w/1gb ram. Of course, thats where I'd like to
do all my developement and deploy to any of the three platforms. The
linux box is(would) be able to run the installer too, and has debian
sarge on it. I have fox/fxruby up on this box though I'm having some
trouble getting it to use the linked image support.

I know build environments, some archiving/packaging generalities, and
take deep notes.

Anything I can do to help, I am at your disposal.


Thanks for the awesome work so far. Ruby and everything I've seen of
it is the best thing to happen to programming since the birth of the

Woulds't thou so blame
the fragrant blos'ms wilting
as never to've had her bloom?

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