[Rubyinstaller-devel] RE: [Rubyinstaller-users] Patch for installer version 13

Curt Hibbs curt at hibbs.com
Wed May 26 15:36:29 EDT 2004

Jos Backus wrote:
>     Hi Curt,
> Quick question: what is the 2nd argument to builder.rb (i.e.
> ARGV[1]) supposed
> to be? There's a line with `Package.build(ARGV[1])' in builder.rb, which I
> have changed to `Package.build("Ruby")' in order to get Ruby to
> build but I
> feel uncomfortable committing this change without understanding
> how Package is
> supposed to be used.

I didn't know, so I did some quick research. It looks like this is something
Andy Hunt originally put in, but never actually used.

The value itself is saved in the Package class, but never really used. The
value is the first parameter to builder.rb which in the makefile is either
"stable" or "dvl" (I know you changed "dvl"). Since it is saved in a class
variable named @@only_build, I am guessing the original intent was to be
used when you only wanted to build a particular package, not all packages.

I would just get rid of it completely (the build method, the call to it, and
all references to @@only_build).


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