[Rubyinstaller-devel] RE: [Rubyinstaller-users] Patch for installer version 13

Curt Hibbs curt at hibbs.com
Sat May 22 00:58:10 EDT 2004

Jos Backus wrote:
> On Fri, May 21, 2004 at 02:07:16PM -0500, Curt Hibbs wrote:
> > Jos Backus wrote:
> > > My goal is to get a HEAD (i.e. devel) version of Ruby to work
> using the
> > > installer, as 1.8.1 has several problems such as I have reported
> > > in the past,
> > > making it unusable for production work. It appears that HEAD is
> > > much better,
> > > so I'm going to try that next. This means I have to figure out
> > > what needs to
> > > go into the `devel' directory so `builder devel' works...
> >
> > Great! We really need this.
> I'm thinking about the following: it would seem that the `stable'
> and `devel'
> targets are indicating two different types of builds. The
> `stable' build is
> based on a downloadable tarball; the `devel' build is based on a
> CVS snapshot.
> So I have hacked builder.rb to support this notion. The part I am
> uncertain
> about is how this affects files that need to be copied to the
> release area for
> each type, as the source retrieval process (tarball vs.  CVS checkout) is
> orthogonal to the particular Ruby version being built. One way of handling
> this would be to abstract the Ruby version specific bits (like
> the manifest
> perhaps) and have the installer scripts use that interface.
> It's also not completely clear to me what the roles of the various
> subdirectories are in the build process.

I think the directory structure has simply grown somewhat haphazardly over
time and someday could use a bit of refactoring. I was really tempted to do
this myself when working on the last couple releases, but I knew that I
didn't have enough tome to do that and still get out a stable release before

> > Since you are taking on the task of getting the devel version working, I
> > think it would make more sense if you joined the rubyinstaller
> team and I
> > gave you CVS access so you can directly commit your changes to
> CVS instead
> > of going through me or someone else with patch files (easier
> for both you
> > and me).
> Thanks. I'll check in what I have once I am happy with the changes. Stay
> tuned.



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