[Rubyinstaller-devel] Re:Ruby Installer for Windows 1.8.1-13Release Candidate 2

Shashank Date sdate at everestkc.net
Sun May 2 00:40:21 EDT 2004


> I think there is something wrong with your setup. Perhaps you have more
> one version of ruby installed and on your path? Or you installed this new
> version on top of your old version and that left some old files around
> are confusing RI.

Yes, that could very well be true. I have multiple versions of ruby
installed and this
last one was installed on top of an old one. I never had this problem in the
past, so
it must be due to "on the top" install.

> The above RI commands work fine for on my main machine. Plus I installed
> a completely clean machine (i.e. a freshly installed copy of Windows 2000)
> and it works fine there as well.

Good ... then I have no problem at all.

> Try removing all traces of Ruby from your hard disk and path and then
> reinstalling.

I will first try to find out the root cause

> I didn't have a way to test this in the time I had available (in about a
> week I won't be able to do much Ruby work for a couple months),

Understand ! Wish you best on your house closing :-)

> author of Win32ole confirmed that it did not work properly in Ruby 1.8.1.
> The person who reported the problem stated that reverting to version in
> 180-10 released worked (and the Win32ole author also confirmed that this
> a viable solution).
> So I took this one on faith (plus I'm assuming the person who originally
> reported the problem will test this for us).

Ok ! We will wait and see ...

> > 1. The ruby version still says:
> >     C:\>ruby -v
> >            ruby 1.8.1 (2003-12-25) [i386-mswin32]
> Actually, this is correct. I originally made the same mistake, but
> subsequently found out that this is the date that this version of Ruby
> (1.8.1) was released, *not* the date that we built our release.

All righty, then !

> > 2. The ReleaseNotes.txt says: Installer Version 12
> Thanks -- I fix this one!

Great !

> Great! Thanks for the confirmation!

Most welcome ... actually I feel very guilty of dropping the ball
last time. I had trapped most of the errors reported by others but
did not promptly notify them here. After all the hard work you
put in to get it to this level ... no fair !

I hope to get some more time towards end of this month when
I start working on this more ...

And finally some questions if I may ... did you script all the NSIS
code for the installer. I am trying to learn some features and the
online help is not helping me much. Lack of good short examples.

-- Shashank

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