[Rubyinstaller-devel] Ruby Installer is Ready for Enhancements &Bug Fixes

Curt Hibbs curt at curthibbs.us
Mon Mar 29 07:20:50 EST 2004

Shashank Date wrote:
> > You need to install in "C:\installer\stable\Expat-1.95.5" just as the
> > hint says (at least, that's what's supposed to happen..). I.e., be sure
> > to put in the expat part with the dash and dots...
> Yes, that is what I meant when I mentioned about <C:\installer\stable>
> Infact, like Curt suggested, I had just accepted the defaults.
> But it still
> did not work. So finally after puts'ing some debug statements in
> builder.rb,
> package.rb, and commands.rb I figured out that it expected the install
> to happen in c:\installer\stable\download\Expat-1.95.5.
> Now it has proceeded much beyond that point.
> Will keep you informed of the progress.

Now that you mention this, I remember that I ran into the same thing and
forgot to update the hint message.

Did expat suggest the correct installation directory by default? It did for
me. If so, I would suggest that we change the hint message to just say to
accept all of the defaults. Otherwise we will have to update the hint
message evertime there is a new version of expat.

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