[Rubyinstaller-devel] Successful cygwin-free build

Curt Hibbs curt at hibbs.com
Tue Mar 16 23:14:40 EST 2004

I finally made it through the entire build process (everything except
running NSIS) without cygwin installed on my development system -- including
the RI database, which previously would fail to build.

Here's some additional things that I did:

- Changed Expat version from 1.95.4 to 1.95.5
  (this is the version required by XMLParser)

- Installed tar and gzip from the GnuWin32 project
  on SourceForge and modified package.rb to use them
  (unfortunately the "-z" option of tar doesn't work
   in this win32 version, so I had to use gzip

- Modified command.rb to use Ruby's FileUtils instead
  of Ftools. FileUtils has a better set of low-level
  file/directory tools.

- Removed REXML from the build (since it is now
  included in Ruby).

- Removed Ripper from the build (pending an answer
  to my separate email asking if this was OK).

Here's what I need/plan to do next:

- I had to hand modify extconf.rb for he XMLParser
  package. I need to modify builder.rb to automate
  this modification to extconf.rb.

- I will update our main README with a detailed list
  of setup steps (prerequisites) needed to duplicate
  my success.

- I will then check all of this in to CVS.

Finally, the NSIS script was originally created with an older version of
NSIS, and the current version of NSIS doesn't seem to like it. They've
cleaned up the MUI theme (Modern User Interface), so that some of the stuff
in our NSIS script is obsolete.

Once I get the stuff above checked into CVS, I will clean up the NSIS script
and then I will be ready to start down the list -- fixing bugs and
implementing enhancements!  Whooo hooo!


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