[Rubyinstaller-devel] Curt's Build Notes (a work in progress)

Andrew Hunt andy at toolshed.com
Mon Feb 23 14:02:28 EST 2004

On Sun, 2004-02-22 at 23:25, Curt Hibbs wrote:

> - At install of Expat, the makefile hint for the correct install dir is
> wrong:
>   HINT: destination directory is
>   E:\Dev\RubyDev\rubyinstaller\cvs-repo\installer\stable/Expat-1.95.4
>   it should be:
>   HINT: destination directory is
> E:\Dev\RubyDev\rubyinstaller\cvs-repo\installer\stable\download/Expat-1.95.4

Oops.  Sorry 'bout that!  It annoys me that the stupid expat installer
has to pop up a dialog box.  An unattended form of that install would be
a big help.

> - In the step "Copying documentation for DBD/ODBC" (as tagged in the console
> output)
>   the following file was read-only and caused the build to fail:

There's a actually a couple of cases of that.  Probably the best thing
to do is to force the copy (the thing you're installing might be newer
as you're working on a release).

> - Currently failing to build the RI database -- must investigate.

Known problem.  The version of RI included in the 1.8.1 tarball doesn't
work.  But the version in the Ruby CVS tree that's tagged 1.8.1 release
does.  Go figure.


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