[Rubyinstaller-devel] RDoc Corrections

Curt Hibbs curt at hibbs.com
Sun Feb 22 23:07:11 EST 2004

I made some changes at the end of builder.rb to the section for building the
RI database. But I'm not sure that I did the correct thing, so I wanted get
your feedback (especially Andy).

Originally I was getting this:

    Building RI database
    ..\..\bin\rdoc --ri-system
    ./commands.rb:200:in `run': Command failed:  (RuntimeError)
        from ./commands.rb:168:in `each'
        from ./commands.rb:168:in `run'
        from builder.rb:446
    NMAKE : fatal error U1077: 'ruby.exe' : return code '0x1'

So I changed the command to:

    ..\..\bin\rdoc.bat --ri-system

This was better, as I now got this:

    Building RI database

    ..\..\bin\rdoc.bat --ri-system

    unrecognized option `--ri-system'

    For help on options, try 'rdoc --help'

I ran the --help option, and did not see "-ri-system" anywhere in there. So
I change the option to "-ri-site" which seemed like the mostly likely
replacement for the invalid option.

Now it runs just fine, but was this the right thing to do?


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