[Rubyinstaller-devel] Curt's Build Notes (a work in progress)

Curt Hibbs curt at hibbs.com
Sun Feb 22 22:25:45 EST 2004

Currently, my build runs all the way until it tries to build the RI
database, which I believe is the very last step before NSIS is run to create
the installer. So I'm almost there!

Here are the build notes that I collected so far. I've cleaned up these
notes a little bit, but they were not really intended (at this point) for
any one but myself. For example, when you see file system paths, they are
specific to my development setup, and would mostly be different for you.


RubyInstaller Build Notes

Prerequisites (stuff I had to install first):
- Installed NSIS 2 in ...\installer\bin
- VC++ 7.1(later I will try vc++ 6.0 SP5)
- Cygwin (added "C:\cygwin\bin" to the path)
- Info UnZip (http://www.info-zip.org/pub/infozip/UnZip.html)
  - downloaded: unz550xN.exe (self-extracting archive)
  - added to path
- Oracle Client (I used 8.1.7)
  (added ...\oci\include directory to the include path).
  (added ...\oci\lib\msvc directory to the lib path).

My Build Steps:

- cd ...\installer\builder
- nmake

- At install of Expat, the makefile hint for the correct install dir is

  HINT: destination directory is

  it should be:

  HINT: destination directory is


- In the step "Copying documentation for DBD/ODBC" (as tagged in the console
  the following file was read-only and caused the build to fail:


  I manually removed the R/O attribute and restarted the build.
  (Need to make the build insensitive to this)

- Currently failing to build the RI database -- must investigate.

    Building RI database
    ..\..\bin\rdoc --ri-system
    ./commands.rb:200:in `run': Command failed:  (RuntimeError)
        from ./commands.rb:168:in `each'
        from ./commands.rb:168:in `run'
        from builder.rb:446
    NMAKE : fatal error U1077: 'ruby.exe' : return code '0x1'

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