[Rubyinstaller-devel] How are we doing?

Chris Morris chrismo at clabs.org
Sat Feb 21 08:58:30 EST 2004

Curt Hibbs wrote:

>I'm working on the installer again this weekend.
>I still haven't got a complete build yet, but I'm slowly getting closer. I'm
>currently up to the part where it tries to build the RI database. The build
>is failing here, but I'm going to quit and look at it tomorrow night.
>Are the rest of you making any progress?
None :-)  I'd mentioned to Andy when he put me on the project that I 
probably wouldn't be able to contribute much right away -- we just had a 
baby, our 5th, a few months ago and I started a new job since then. I 
guess I hadn't mentioned that to y'all yet.

But I've been interested in contributing to this for some time, and I've 
known Andy planned to get this up on a sf.net-ish project for a while -- 
so I'm hopeful I'll contribute more in the future. Andy just picked a 
bad time to for me to share the stuff out ;-)


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