[Rubyinstaller-devel] Re: FXRuby and the (new) Ruby Installer forOS X

Curt Hibbs curt at hibbs.com
Mon Aug 16 22:52:41 EDT 2004

Stephen Steiner wrote:
> Richard Kilmer wrote:
> >> I can make images for a couple of OS X versions but things quickly
> >> escalate and,
> >> due to the the sheer number of possible permutations, quickly becomes
> >> unmanageable.
> >
> > This may be a big issue when it comes to extension that you want to
> > include
> > in a one-click installer.  If you limit those extensions to a bare few
> > with
> > a RubyGems graphical installer for other extensions (maybe built on
> > RubyCocoa) then we could offer gems that are platform specific binaries
> > (jaguar, panther, tiger, etc).
> I'm feeling a maintenance headache coming on...  The more levels of
> indirection
> we throw in here the worse things are going to get.

Actually this *is* the long-term strategy that I want to pursue. And it
really should make things simpler, not more complicated.

The idea is to keep the included extensions in the one-click installer to a
minimum, but one of the things that is included is RubyGems and the GUI
RubyGems Browser (which doesn't exist yet). At the end of the normal
installation, we would pop-up the RubyGems browser to allow the user to
install additional packages.

Well, that actually might be too overwhelming for a new Ruby users. What I'd
really like to do is to create some common groups of packages for specific
types of development tasks (like "web development", "database app
development", or "text processing") that would install a predefined set of
gems, with an option to go to the full gems browser to select individual

In any case, the RubyGems browser would, of course, still be available long
after the initial installation to allow the user to add more ruby extensions
as needed. At some point I'm sure the gems browser will support update
notification, where the user can asked to be notified when new versions of
his favorite gems are released.

There are many reasons why this is a good approach. But the immediate, and
most obvious, one is that everyone has the particular favorite extensions
that they want to see included in the one-click installer, but its
impossible to accommodate all but the most popular requests. With RubyGems
we have a much better shot at satisfying everyone's needs.


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