[Rubyinstaller-devel] Re: FXRuby and the (new) Ruby Installer for OS X

Stephen Steiner ssteiner at mac.com
Mon Aug 16 07:56:54 EDT 2004

> But, I just can't imagine that installing a commercial app OS X would 
> need
> to have development tools present to compile source code. How do 
> commercial
> products for OS X handle this problem?

Commercial apps are not programming languages.  A commercial app, if 
properly for OS X, is a self contained bundle that can just be dragged 
to the
Applications folder.  When  things have to be installed all over 
creation (/usr/local/lib,
/usr/local/bin etc.) things are more complicated.

> I suppose a hybrid approach is also possible. A VMWare installation on
> Linux, for example, contains precompiled binaries for the most common 
> target
> configuration but falls back to building from source when needed. The 
> main
> problem here is handling build failures in a user friendly manner.

Yes, build failures are definitely a problem.  The .pkg installer has 
pre and post
flight scripts but that's about it for error handling.  Perhaps one of 
the other
installers does more but I'm not familiar with any of them at this 

> I have to rely on your technical expertise as I am speaking from 
> general
> knowledge and I am totally ignorant of the technical problems of 
> installing
> software on OS X.

OS X == BSD == Linux == Unix, for all intents and purposes when you're
talking about installing things like Ruby itself.  That's why I favor a 
build: you never know exactly what's there on the system unless you
compile with it.

>    Your emails don't seem to be making it to the RubyInstaller-Devel ML
> (even though I can see you are sending them there). Are you getting any
> rejection or bounce messages back from mailman?
Nope, they just don't seem to be making it there for some reason.


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