[Rubyinstaller-devel] Proposal for Release Candidate Testing

Curt Hibbs curt at curthibbs.us
Sun Apr 25 03:01:32 EDT 2004

Curt Hibbs wrote:
> I find the bugs being reported with the batch files (bad paths)
> and rdoc/ri
> a little embarrassing as I thought I had fixed this (at least I thought I
> fixed the paths).
> I think that, in future, it would be a good idea to post release
> candidates
> to the ruby-talk list for general testing. That way we can
> correct problems
> like this *before* the release.

FYI -- I'm trying to fix this stuff this weekend and put out a release
candidate for general testing. I really want to get a *stable* version of
1.8.1 released as soon as possible.

Besides just being a good idea, in a couple weeks I'm closing on buying a
new house and along with planned renovations (I'm the handyman-type that
does his own home improvement work), and other family commitments, I
probably won't be doing any more significant work on the Ruby Installer for
the next few months.

There's also a reported problem with win32ole that I'll look at (but I may
not be able to do any thing about it).


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