[Rubyinstaller-devel] Proposal for Release Candidate Testing

Chris Morris chrismo at clabs.org
Tue Apr 20 10:33:50 EDT 2004

Curt Hibbs wrote:

>I find the bugs being reported with the batch files (bad paths) and rdoc/ri
>a little embarrassing as I thought I had fixed this (at least I thought I
>fixed the paths).
>I think that, in future, it would be a good idea to post release candidates
>to the ruby-talk list for general testing. That way we can correct problems
>like this *before* the release.
I guess none of the beta peoples ran across this?

My vote would be no special names on new releases, but that we don't 
designate one as being the stable one until it's proven itself stable. 
Right now 180-10 should be indicated as 'stable', and 181-12 as 'latest'.


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