[Rubyibm-developers] Questions about IBM_DB for InfoQ

Mirko Stocker me at misto.ch
Thu Aug 28 15:06:32 EDT 2008


I'm writing a news item about non blocking database adapters for InfoQ 
www.infoq.com, and I was hoping that someone from the IBM_DB team could answer 
a few short question.

Disclaimer: I'll use your answers in part or full on the InfoQ article -
if you don't want to be quoted in verbatim about something, please say so.

 - Neverblock [1] recently added support for asynchronous calls to Postgres 
and MySQL. Now I was wondering if there are similar efforts going on for the 
IBM_DB adapter?
- I guess that asynchronous calls might be important for the upcoming 
(threadsafe) Rails 2.2 release, any opinion on that?

Thanks in advance

Mirko Stocker

[1] http://www.espace.com.eg/neverblock/blog

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