[Rubyibm-developers] installing IBM_DB plugin on Windows platforms ...

Alex Pitigoi apitigoi at ca.ibm.com
Thu Mar 22 09:46:42 EDT 2007

This needs to be solved rather soon for Windows users/developers to take 
advantage of the clean and seamless install provided by the plugin. On 
Linux/Unix the install is behaving as expected given the SVN access to 
rubyibm repository is smooth, but on Windows only an HTTP access is 
accepted by the script\plugin.

The current solution in Rubyforge mentioned on the FAQ 
(http://rubyforge.org/docman/view.php/5/460/faq.html#railsplugin) doesn't 
cut it either in my view, as it implies a duplication of the repository. 
Normally an SVN repository can easily be enabled for access with both SVN 
(svnserve) and HTTP (apache2), but current Rubyforge portal doesn't seem 
to allow, unless the plugin tree is prepared and uploaded to the project 
web page.

So, for now Windows users/developers will need to stick with Gem install 
(one manual step involved) or install from source and all other manual 
steps described in the README:

1. Linux and Unix platforms:
  $ ./script/plugin  source 
  $ ./script/plugin list

2. Windows platforms:
  REGISTER REPOSITORY and QUERY  (not enabled yet @rubyibm.rubyforge.org)
  D:\NewApp>ruby script\plugin source 
  D:\NewApp>ruby script\plugin list

P.S. the current project web location for HTTP plugin install is reachable 
by browser, but script\plugin is yet happy with it:

Alex Pitigoi

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