Problem while installing new gem

Jay Singh jaysean2007 at
Sat Oct 12 22:36:44 UTC 2013

Hey, I am a little new to ruby, but once I am facing problem while
installing new gem.
Its not coming in the list and require is failure with "LoadError: no such
file to load"

jaysingh at jaysingh-1] sudo gem install CFPropertyList

Successfully installed CFPropertyList-2.2.3
1 gem installed
Installing ri documentation for CFPropertyList-2.2.3...
Installing RDoc documentation for CFPropertyList-2.2.3...
jaysingh at jaysingh-1] sudo gem

*** LOCAL GEMS ***

columnize (0.3.6)
facets (2.9.3)
highline (1.6.19)
json (1.7.7)
net-ldap (0.2.2)
open4 (1.1.0)
Platform (0.4.0)
POpen4 (0.1.4)
term-ansicolor (1.0.5)
trollop (2.0)
yajl-ruby (1.0.0)

Jay S

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