Default gems...what the what?

Charles Oliver Nutter headius at
Tue Jun 4 17:37:57 UTC 2013


* I have created a pull request that adds a --default flag to install.
Installing as a default gem does mostly what rbinstall.rb does today,
by dumping a specification+file list to
GEM_HOME/specifications/default and unpacking only the bin scripts
from the gem. It could additionally unpack ext and lib contents into
the local stdlib, but that would be bonus work.

* JRuby has a default_gems branch where I'm working on this stuff. I
have a stripped-down rbinstall.rb that does the above logic until we
have RG support for it.

* I filed a bug with ruby-core and started refactoring rbinstall.rb.

- Charlie

On Tue, Jun 4, 2013 at 8:00 AM, Charles Oliver Nutter
<headius at> wrote:
> So I finally updated JRuby master to RG2 and want to offload a bunch
> of libraries as gems. Last time I looked at this was a couple months
> ago, so I had to review how MRI is doing it.
> And what the heck...rbinstall.rb is not a lot of fun. As far as I can
> read it, rbinstall.rb reads the list of default gems out of
> defs/default_gems and reprocesses the associated specifications for RG
> to pick up. There seems to be a big functionality gap here. I
> attempted to just put specifications in the right location, but for a
> normal install they don't include version number (required for default
> gem stuff) and the filenames include version (appears to break default
> gems because it can't find a simple name.
> So...I think there's logic needed here to make it easy for an
> implementation fo specify a default gem. I'm willing to hack on it a
> bit, but wanted to get some input.
> * Is the configuration setup for default gems set in stone? It would
> be simpler if we could just use the installed specifications (version
> in filename but not in spec) since there is no other way to get that
> specification except for reprocessing.
> * Assuming the current format needs to stay, should this be a new
> command? gem install --default <x> or gem default <x> to install the
> given gem, reprocess specification, and put it in the right place?
> * Is there something I'm missing, or is the rbinstall.rb mechanism the
> only way to properly set up the default gemspecs right now?
> Thanks y'all. We're hoping to get this out in JRuby 1.7.5, perhaps in
> the next month or two. Short list of gems that we'll be using RG2
> defaults for: rake, rdoc, psych, krypt, openssl, minitest, json. There
> may be others.
> - Charlie

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