requirements for native gems not free text?

Jordi Massaguer Pla jmassaguerpla at
Wed Jan 30 17:25:54 UTC 2013

Quoting Gary Weaver <garysweaver at>:

> On Tue, Jan 29, 2013 at 10:12 PM, James Tucker <jftucker at> wrote:
>> Right now, this can all be done, and is done, in extconf. It's more
>> portable than writing specific native code for each linker and loader, as
>> it just uses the platform build tools to perform assertions. Problematic
>> and inefficient as they may be, autotools work this way for this same
>> reason. Maybe today we have few enough supported platforms that it's viable
>> to write code that links the linkers, without a totally horrific
>> combinatorial explosion of native code, but later, not so much.
> But extconf.rb/mkmf is meant for C-extension building isn't it? I got the
> impression that the requirement was that they just wanted to see what
> version of a library was loaded.

The requirement was to know about library dependencies before building  
the native extension. Thus, you can not use tools like ldd because the  
native library has not yet been compiled...

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