PBI: add a tags field to the RubyGems metadata

Evan Phoenix evan at phx.io
Tue Mar 6 17:17:46 UTC 2012

The new metadata is freeform, so you're welcome to stake a claim to a key and put your tag data there. In which case, you'd then need a tool that can read the tags. That could just be a rubygems plugin. If it takes off, we can discuss rolling the functionality directly into rubygems itself.

This is the path that gemcutter's functionality took and it worked quite well. 

 - Evan 

Evan Phoenix // evan at phx.io

On Sunday, March 4, 2012 at 9:39 PM, Rich Morin wrote:

> PBI: add a tags field to the RubyGems metadata
> This Partly-Baked Idea has the goal of making it easier for
> folks to find gems, whether by looking over a list of tags
> or by looking for gems with similar sets of tags.
> Dunno if this has been discussed before. If so, a pointer
> to the thread would be appreciated. Otherwise, I'd like a
> bit of feedback on the idea.
> -r
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