Gem::TestCase, deprecations and building gems during tests

Hugh Sasse hgs at
Tue Jun 12 16:34:38 UTC 2012

Whilst I'm not familiar enough with the structure and many details
of Rubygems (as I should be) in order to give you an answer, this
re-raises the issue of Software Archeology.  My own weak attempt to
tackle to this might be of some very limited help in exploring the
space.  See the code at, and remarks below

Among other things, this produces diagrams of which classes create
instances of which other classes, using GraphViz.  The parser is
very, very crude.  It should probably be rewritten using some of the
excellent work from Rubinius, etc.  I've not touched the code in a
long time, so it is probably frightful, but if it helps, then that's
something at least.


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