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Nick Quaranto nick at
Wed Oct 19 17:58:17 EDT 2011

So I and the other maintainers don't forget:

On Wed, Oct 19, 2011 at 5:39 PM, Eric Hodel <drbrain at> wrote:

> On Oct 19, 2011, at 11:33 AM, Jay Feldblum wrote:
> >   1. What could do to make it easy for all of its users to
> do
> >   the right thing, and do the right thing by default?
> >   2. What should do in that regard?
> RubyGems already has a licenses field designed for short names, but
> RubyGems can't provide any guarantees.
> > The wrong thing is for gem authors to upload unlicensed gems or gems with
> > unusable licenses to a public gems-sharing website, and for gem users to
> > download and use those gems under the default assumption that it's ok
> (it's
> > not, and gem users need to understand that and pay attention to it).
> Continuing to argue this point on this mailing list will get you nowhere.
>  I can't control what gem authors do and I have very limited power to push
> them in any particular direction.
> You are going to need to write up some documents to educate gem authors.  I
> don't have the time or passion to write up such a document and none of the
> other committers have shown an interest.  If you wish to see further
> movement you need to start educating authors.  I can help publicize what you
> write.
> > could guide its users towards uploading only licensed
> software
> > where knows about the license used (e.g. it's a SPDX license
> > tag).
> Have you not been reading this thread?  We've already agreed to using the
> SPDX tags, but will not enforce any restriction at this time.
> > could also guide its users to knowing about
> > the licenses of every gem uploaded to it, by displaying the license name
> > (and a link to the license text) on the page for that gem and by
> permitting
> > the rubygems library to expose the license as gem metadata.
> I can't speak for Nick, but I believe he has his hands full between his
> work responsibilities and the existing maintenance burden of running
>  If you wish to see such features you will need to write
> them.
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