Make license/licenses field mandatory

Alex Chaffee alex at
Tue Oct 18 17:31:51 EDT 2011

Dr. Brain is brainy! I like all those answers :-)

> * ...with a personally crafted license?
> If you can't give a name to your license? ("beer ware" and "WTF" licenses
> are relatively new licenses that were given clever names.  If you're not
> creative like me then uou can have the "Eric Hodel license")

So not to get all pedantic on you, but probably your beerware license is
going to be worded differently from my beerware license, but if we both use
the same term then... well, then what? What are the potential risks and
ramifications, for either the publisher, or the site, or the site user? (I
said I hadn't thought through this very much, right?)

And then maybe later someone will submit a beerware license to and
suddenly the term "beerware" means something official, which isn't exactly
what you or I thought it meant when we published it...

> * Whose short name dictionary are we using? Who's responsible for
> > maintaining and updating that list?
> When comes back I'll look at it, but we're probably going to be
> using's.

Word on the street is that they had a security breach. For some reason that
strikes me as ironic, but maybe it's just sad.

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