Make license/licenses field mandatory

Marcus Rueckert darix at
Fri Oct 14 20:44:06 EDT 2011

On 2011-10-14 14:05:14 -0700, Erik Hollensbe wrote:
> Top-posting hoooooooooooooo
> Ok guys, let's think about this from a simple logistics standpoint.
> Neither Eric or Nick are qualified to make legal judgments on, well,
> anything as far as I'm aware of. That means RubyCentral is going to
> need a full-time lawyer, or more like an army of them, to police the
> 100,000+ gems that are out there. 
> Maybe if one of you wants to foot the bill? Remember, in the United
> States it is *ILLEGAL* to dispense legal advice unless you are a
> licensed lawyer.

who said that ... all we want is 2 things:

1. optional have a license tag in the gem spec and warn when there is

2. if people use a license tag, use the same shortnames that the linux
   foundation defined. [1] no need to invent new tags now.
   if some dev puts the wrong license on something or later on mixes
   incompatible licenses that is out of the scope.


[1] (yes i know the site is down for maintenance atm)

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