Make license/licenses field mandatory

Eric Hodel drbrain at
Fri Oct 14 14:19:36 EDT 2011

On Oct 13, 2011, at 10:50 PM, Jay Feldblum wrote:
> Organizations' attorneys are often concerned with protecting their
> organizations or clients from the mere possibility of litigation or any type
> of legal action, regardless of how unlikely ligation or other action might
> be.

I don't see how enforcing a sticker on the side of the box is going to help fearful lawyers.  The sticker on the side of Ruby would say "Ruby or BSD 2-clause", but the truth of the matter is a bit more complicated as only a proper review would determine:

RubyGems cannot act as a dictator in this matter and have it be successful, nor can it be overly whiny or restrictive and have it be successful.

In order for it to be successful you need to educate users on why filling in the licenses field is a good thing, not the members of this list.  Once it is accepted by the community RubyGems may decide to enforce it.

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