Make license/licenses field mandatory

Pavol Rusnak prusnak at
Wed Oct 12 19:02:31 EDT 2011

On 12/10/11 20:29, Jon wrote:
> Is it your perspective that the field is mandatory and the field's value must be something other than one of the following?
>   s.license = ""
>     - or -
>   s.licenses = []

You can put s.license = "Proprietary", s.license = "Non-commercial" or
something similar if you don't want to use common FOSS license(s).

> If the field is not present and "correct", do you believe things similar to `gem build mygem.gemspec` should refuse to create a .gem?

Yes. I think gem build foo.gemspec should refuse to create a gem when
both license and licenses are empty. (We might want to check also on gem
push, but that's probably not necessary).

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