rubygems 'developers' site

Nick Quaranto nick at
Wed Oct 12 17:52:08 EDT 2011

Hey folks,

I'm going to put together a small little static site for the various
projects going on in the rubygems ecosystem. Basically, there's no central
way to figure out how to contribute to these various projects (or what they
are), and I would love for there to be *one* place where people can go to
see what's going on, what was updated last, who's in charge, etc. I want to
include services that are hooked up via our webhooks as well or use our data
in some way.

I'm wondering, what projects should go on this page? There's plenty I'm
probably missing here, please reply with more if you know of any:

Core Projects

RubyGems Core ( (
RubyGems Guides (
RubyGems Testers (

Ecosystem Projects (
Ruby Toolbox (
Gem Family (
Gem Notifier (
Gemnasium (
Rails Plugins (

If you have any suggestions as for what should go on this page, let me know!


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