Make license/licenses field mandatory

Jon jon.forums at
Wed Oct 12 14:29:41 EDT 2011

> > > I'd like to propose making license/licenses field mandatory. While doing
> > > rubygem packages for Linux distributions we have to deal with licenses a
> > > lot and currently not having a license field in gemspec is the only
> > > thing stopping us from doing automated packaging. One has to unpack the
> > > gem, search for the license text and change the field by hand. If these
> > > fields were mandatory (i.e. one or the other), it would make the whole
> > > process much easier. In my opinion the license is very important aspect
> > > of the gem similarly important as its name and I think also non-Linux
> > > parts of Ruby ecosystem would benefit from that change. What do you
> > think?

Is it your perspective that the field is mandatory and the field's value must be something other than one of the following?

  s.license = ""
    - or -
  s.licenses = []

If the field is not present and "correct", do you believe things similar to `gem build mygem.gemspec` should refuse to create a .gem?


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