Code Reviews - aka "oh god... he's at it again..."

Ryan Davis ryand-ruby at
Tue Nov 29 05:40:10 EST 2011

On Nov 28, 2011, at 17:30 , Steve Klabnik wrote:

> I've never looked at any of the RubyGems code, so if there's a part
> that would particularly be helped out by an extra pair of brand new
> eyes, I wouldn't mind pitching in a few hours.

Awesome Steve. Thanks!

Any amount of eyeballs that we can get on rubygems.rb and specification.rb will help. Granted, there's plenty more too... but those two files contain most of the functionality/risk/ugly.

I'd like to continue slimming down rubygems.rb because it has been a grab-bag of crap for many years now. Functionality in there should move the the actual responsible class. Most of the work I did this year was moving stuff from there (and other places) to specification since most of the work of rubygems has to do with specifications.

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