Code Reviews - aka "oh god... he's at it again..."

Ryan Davis ryand-ruby at
Mon Nov 28 17:56:51 EST 2011

I'd like to get rubygems moving again.

Specifically, rubygems codebase is a crufty mess and we need to fix it. First, we need to know what to fix. I'd like to see us do a full set of code reviews across the entire codebase with comment tags put in where the pain points are (detailed below). That way we can prioritize our pain and start to address it.

This effort is intended to go towards a 2.0 release, NOT a 1.x release. It is meant to rejuvenate the codebase and get us pointed in the right direction.

We've got 95 files in lib with ~20k lines in them. Every file should have at least one set of eyeballs on every line them with certain files having MANY sets of eyeballs on them. We've got 94 files in test with ~17k lines in them. They're just as important (if not more) as the files in lib.

I'd like to get people to step up and schedule code reviews over the next 2-4 weeks. Who's in? Let me know here that you're interested and how much you think you'd like to do.

## Tagging:

Nothing complex... I standardize on the following (examples):

# FIX: xxx is wrong
# HACK: should have done xxx instead
# TODO: xxx needs yyy
# REFACTOR: duplicated from xxx
# RETIRE: replaced by xxx
# WARN: xxx is scary

I have a script that shows all of these in a clean way. Here is the summary of specification.rb:

  32: TODO
   2: FIX
   1: HACK

So you can use that as the basic idea that I'm going for.

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