[Rubygems-developers] [ANN] stickler 2.1.0 released

Jeremy Hinegardner jeremy at hinegardner.org
Fri Mar 25 18:28:10 EDT 2011

stickler version 2.1.0
    by Jeremy Hinegardner


Stickler is a tool to organize and maintain an internal gem repository.
Primarily, you would want to use Stickler if:

1. You have proprietary gems that you want to have available via a gem server so 
   you may 'gem install' them.
2. You would like to have a local mirror of third party gems from either 
   http://rubygems.org or some other gem server.
3. You want both (1) and (2) in the same server.


Version 2.1.0 - 2011-03-25
* Added 'list' client command
* Added support for prerelease gems
* Internal refactoring of how internal repositories are managed
* Refactored testing and updated to rspec2
* Switched underlying HTTP client to Excon
* Change to ISC License

 Jeremy Hinegardner                              jeremy at hinegardner.org 

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