[Rubygems-developers] the autotest scandal

Nick Quaranto nick at quaran.to
Wed Nov 17 12:19:32 EST 2010

So, I was around last night but mostly feeling sick/disgusting thanks
to a post-rubyconf sinus infection. For those unaware, Ryan started a
discussion about the autotest gem ownership. I've made this tender
thread public (wasn't aware it was private in the first place)


Clearly we need a few things here:

1) EULA as soon as possible that respects authors' intentions and the
original licenses they were posted under. This isn't the first "you
posted something like my gem name" we've had, and won't be the last.
2) A solid policy and process for resolving squabbles over gem names
like this, be it voting or a general agreement among the maintainers
*IN PUBLIC*. Luckily, grosser seems to be quite agreeable with what
was proposed in that thread, it could have very easily not been that

If this project isn't interested in respecting the OSS licenses we
publish code under, I'm ready to step down. Let's work this out, for
my sanity and for everyone else's too.


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