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Bugs item #26892, was opened at 2009-08-07 12:16
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Category: `gem install` command (extensions)
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>Status: Closed
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Priority: 3
Submitted By: Jake Douglas (yakischloba)
Assigned to: Nobody (None)
Summary: Gem::Ext::RakeBuilder can't execute Rake on JRuby if Rake gem isn't installed

Initial Comment:
On JRuby, when installing a gem that has 'extensions = "Rakefile"' as part of it's specification, Gem::Ext::RakeBuilder tries to run 'jrake' which does not exist in JRuby. This occurs when the actual Rake gem is not installed. This can be worked around by requiring the rake gem as a dependency, but the desired behavior would be for it to find the rake that is bundled with JRuby.

This line, in the "1.8" compatible rubygems, is the culprit:

cmd = ENV['rake'] || "#{Gem.ruby} -rubygems #{Gem.bin_path('rake')}" rescue Gem.default_exec_format % 'rake'

In the "1.9" rubygems, its like this:

cmd = ENV['rake'] || 'rake'

which probably wouldn't work either unless JRuby is the default Ruby or the JRuby rake points it to the jruby executable.


Comment By: Ryan Davis (zenspider)
Date: 2010-11-12 14:46

This ticket has been deemed stale and we're closing it in order to catch up 
with our ticket list. If you think it is still valid, please reopen.


Comment By: James Tucker (raggi)
Date: 2009-08-21 01:20

This is a problem because of inconsistent policy. I strongly recommend "wontfix" until this is actually sat down and thought about some more.

Gem.default_exec_format should really be the default so that we don't clobber multiple interpreters all the time. As more *applications* are available in the ruby space, this will become more common on open source platforms where apps are installed by package manager.

The special casing of system and random selection of executable names under jruby makes it extremely hard to get this right in all situations, and the above at least attempts to make it work when things are installed by gem, which is the highest level of reliability I can guarantee at this time.

Falling back to 'rake' on platforms where it is going to launch MRI has very strange impacts.

I would love to have a non-bikeshed discussion with everyone involved on this topic - that includes Charlie, Eric, myself and if we can get it, Matz. The only reason I would like matz to chime in, is that this is also related to the bundling of rake, and the lack of correct binary prefix and postfix discovery in the main MRI packages.

What we cannot do is keep making changes that fix one specific side of the problem, otherwise this will never go away. I also suspect that someone is going to have to suck it up and suffer a change, in order to reach consistency. Sadly I feel it is likely this will be the jruby project, and whilst I don't want to force that on them, I would like them to present some kind of reasonable alternative if they have one. I do not believe special casing system more will solve this issue.


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