[Rubygems-developers] Status of disabling plugins except for command line?

Ryan Davis ryand-ruby at zenspider.com
Thu Dec 23 05:45:24 EST 2010

On Dec 23, 2010, at 01:08 , Trans wrote:

> I know of at least two gems it will break, and I suspect they are not
> your four.

By not telling us what they are, you're being immature and asinine... and a troll.

*sigh* You can just never stop trolling...

> I thought RubyGems was supposed to be so *conservative* about changes,
> and here a change is just going to be pushed that breaks people's
> plugins for the sake of a speed up for those who have 500+ gems
> installed?

Apparently you're confusing us breaking 2-4 gems in a way that is easily documentable with your breaking every gemspec ever published. This is the conservative change. Do the math.

I ... nevermind. I just deleted 3 paragraphs...

I'm not going to justify our actions any further with a troll.

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