[Rubygems-developers] The 1.9 Plan

Ryan Davis ryand-ruby at zenspider.com
Tue Dec 21 20:00:48 EST 2010

I just pulled the rubygems in ruby-core's trunk into our 1.9 branch and tweaked it enough to make it pass under 1.8.7. The changes were minimal to lib and mostly just annoying in test. I've pushed this back up so that others can review.

Moving forward:

+ I'm prolly gonna move everything from test/* to test/rubygems/* to match ruby-core. They switched us to require_relative on everything (ugh).

+ We need to selectively pull additions and changes from the 1.9 branch to master.
  + I don't have a handle on what (or why) changes have happened on ruby trunk.
  + Input is welcome.
  + It is about 3k line o' diff. Help is welcome too.

+ Once we reconcile differences between the 1.9 branch and master, we nuke the 1.9 branch and push all our changes to ruby trunk.

+ ruby trunk pushes will be automated and include a warning header in every file.

+ Any changes that occur in ruby trunk will be reverted immediately.
  + I'd rather push every single day to ruby trunk than to ever do this reconciliation again.

Raggi says that he's close to a rack release, which is the big blocker for rails, which is our big blocker. He estimates the dam will break sometime this week and we'll be free to release after that.

Luis, consider this your heads-up that we're close to release...

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