[Rubygems-developers] Hoe, Rubyforge, and name confusion

Rick DeNatale rick.denatale at gmail.com
Thu May 28 12:10:53 EDT 2009

I'm having trouble getting rake release to work.  I posted the
following to Dr Nic's forum on newgem, but since it's probably really
a misunderstanding on my part of rubyforge and hoe, I thought I might
get an answer here:

So I'm finally ready to release my gem on rubyforge (It has been
maturing on github for some weeks).

When I tried to rake release, I first ran into the issue of having to
specify the version as an environment variable, then I ran into the
"no <package_id> configured for <rical>

Googling around for an answer, it seemed that I'd originally messed up
 in naming the ruby forge project rical when the gem name is ri_cal.

So not finding a way to rename a project I created another one.  But
I'm still running into the same issues.

I did the rubyforge config  incantations but when I rake release
$rake release VERSION=0.5.0
..... lots of output
cd -
  Successfully built RubyGem
  Name: ri_cal
  Version: 0.5.0
  File: ri_cal-0.5.0.gem
mv ri_cal-0.5.0.gem pkg/ri_cal-0.5.0.gem
Logging in
Releasing ri_cal v. 0.5.0
rake aborted!
no <package_id> configured for <ri_cal>
$cat ~/.rubyforge/auto-config.yml
$ cat ~/.rubyforge/auto-config.yml
processor_ids: {}
  ri-cal: {}
  rical: {}
  ri-cal: 8408
  rical: 8234
  .deb: 1000
  .zip: 3000
  .gz: 3110
  .src.rpm: 5100
  .jpg: 8000
  .htm: 8200
  .src.bz2: 5010
  .html: 8200
  .oth: 9999
  .pem: 1500
  .src.gz: 5020
  .src: 5900
  .pgp: 8150
  .rpm: 2000
  .bz2: 3100
  .text: 8100
  .ebuild: 1300
  .gem: 1400
  .txt: 8100
  .src.tar.bz2: 5010
  .tgz: 5000
  .sig: 8150
  .pdf: 8300
  .exe: 1100
  .src.zip: 5000
  .src.tar.gz: 5020
  .dmg: 1200
  .tar.gz: 5000
  ri-cal: 11330
  rical: 11041
ri_cal (master)⚡ $
So now it seems that the problem is that there's a discrepency between
ri_cal, and ri-cal which is the 'unix name' of the project and which
according to the rubyforge instruction can't contain an underscore but
can contain a dash.
So how do I straighten this mess out?

Rick DeNatale

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