[Rubygems-developers] 1.3.2?

Eric Hodel drbrain at segment7.net
Mon Mar 16 14:47:59 EDT 2009

On Mar 14, 2009, at 21:18, Daniel Berger wrote:
> I traced this one down (and it's not Windows specific). It looks  
> like it's trying to compare a Regexp to a Regexp with the =~ method,  
> which is illegal. This is what that particular test to doing:
> irb(main):001:0> /\Aa\Z/ =~ /a|b/
> TypeError: can't convert Regexp into String
>        from (irb):1
> I'm not sure what the proper behavior is for Gem::Dependency because  
> it is poorly documented. So, I don't know if the behavior is wrong  
> or the test itself is bad.

Newer minitest fixes some assert_match issues, so I've added a version  
check to the Rakefile.  Give it a whirl now.

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