[Rubygems-developers] Is zlib an official dependency?

Daniel Berger djberg96 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 22 01:04:59 EDT 2009


Is it really necessary to have this many require's spread throughout the
rubygems source?

lib\rubygems\commands\mirror_command.rb:2:require 'zlib'
lib\rubygems\indexer.rb:3:require 'zlib'
lib\rubygems\old_format.rb:10:require 'zlib'
lib\rubygems\package.rb:10:require 'zlib'
lib\rubygems\server.rb:3:require 'zlib'
lib\rubygems\source_index.rb:527:    require 'zlib'
lib\rubygems\spec_fetcher.rb:1:require 'zlib'
lib\rubygems.rb:456:    require 'zlib'
lib\rubygems.rb:572:    require 'zlib'
lib\rubygems.rb:583:    require 'zlib'
lib\rubygems.rb:595:    require 'zlib'
test\gemutilities.rb:386:    require 'zlib'
test\test_gem_remote_fetcher.rb:9:require 'zlib'

I ask because I'd like to default to pr/zlib if zlib isn't found. If we can
limit it to a single require near the top of rubygems.rb, it would simplify
the process drastically. :)



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